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Who may be treated at PRO PT?


PRO PT Physical Therapy services are open to patients of all ages. We treat patients from the surrounding communities in Mission Viejo, Foothill Ranch, Rancho Santa Margarita, Lake Forest and beyond. Anyone with a general orthopedic or sports injury may come to PRO PT for therapy.

What types of patients do you see?


We provide a full range of orthopaedic and sports physical therapy services in our clinic and our patient load is varied with an emphasis on the active patient. We see all types of sports related injuries, from the neck all the way down to the foot and ankle injuries. We see patients with arthritis who are trying to avoid surgery or who have undergone simple to complex surgical procedure or joint replacements. 

What are your hours of treatment?


PRO PT offers extreme flexibility with a wide range of weekday hours (Monday through Thursday 6AM to 7PM and Fridays 6AM to 12PM) or Saturdays (7AM to 12PM) for your convenience. Please call 949-598-9315 to schedule an appointment in the clinic.

Will insurance pay for my treatment?


We accept most insurance plans and are participating providers with CHOC, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Aetna, United Health Care and Medicare health plans. As a courtesy to you, our staff will verify your insurance benefits prior to your first visit. We accept only PPO, EPO, POS and Choice Plus Plans. We do not accept any HMO with the exception of Blue Shield / managed care plans. We offer cash services for those patients who don't have insurance or other coverage for therapy services, and payments are expected following each treatment visit. For further information about insurance and our billing procedures, click here.

Do I need to be referred by my doctor?


Effective January 1, 2014 California passed a new law allowing consumers direct access to Physical Therapy services. Direct Access allows anyone the ability to be evaluated and treated by a licensed Physical Therapist without first seeing a physician for a referral.

There are limits to the new legislation:

The Physical Therapist must refer the patient to a licensed physician for further evaluation if the Physical Therapy care exceeds 45 days or 12 visits, whichever comes first.

What information should I bring to my first visit?


At your initial evaluation appointment, please bring your doctor's prescription, your insurance card. Additionally, please bring copies of any pertinent medical history such as evaluations from specialists, other therapists and or special test (x-ray, MRI, nerve conduction etc.) reports that you may have that would assist your therapist in coordinating care and determining goals of therapy.

Please bring any equipment that you may use, such as, crutches, walker, wheelchair, braces/splints. 

What should I wear? How long does it take?


If your injury is to a particular area of the body please wear clothes that will expose the area of injury (i.e. loose shorts for a knee or hip injury, a halter top or sports bra for women with a neck or shoulder injury). Be sure to bring or wear clothing that will be comfortable during exercise and bring any equipment that you normally use such as walkers, canes, braces etc., or if you are being evaluated for any foot related complaint, please bring your usual running shoes and/or street shoes. We have a private place for you to change clothes when you arrive.

Please arrive 15 minutes prior to the beginning of your first visit to fill out paper work. Plan to be here approximately 1 ½ hours for your first visit. Subsequent appointments may last from 60 minutes to 1.5 hours depending on your condition.

Please arrive on time for all of your subsequent visits.

How often will I be coming?


Frequency and duration of your treatment will be determined by the physical therapist after your initial evaluation. Typical treatment is 2-3 times per week.

Do students assist in evaluation and treatments?


PRO PT is an active participant with Chapman University’s Physical Therapy Doctorate in Physical Therapy program. This means that students/interns will most likely be involved in your care. All patients are seen and supervised by a licensed physical therapist, however, depending on the training of the students working under that therapist, various levels of care are provided by our Doctor of Physical Therapy students.

Where are you located?


PRO PT is conveniently located on the corner of Santa Margarita Pkwy and Los Alisos. We are on the second floor immediately across the elevator or top of the stairs in the Trabuco Hills Professional Building. We can be spotted directly Kitty corner from Trabuco Hills High School in Portola Plaza. (See below "Where will I park?")

Where will I park?


Ample free parking is available directly outside our building. After you park your car, walk directly in the main doors and take the stairs. If you are unable to manage the stairs there is an elevator just to the left of the stairs. Once on the second level take a left and walk down to our main waiting room on your right hand side suite 210. 

What are Orthopaedic Injuries?


Orthopaedic injuries are those injuries that result in deformities or functional impairments of the skeletal system, especially the extremities and the spine as well as the associated structures such as joints, muscles, tendons and ligaments.

What are unique problems that may be specific to older adults?


Normal aging does not require physical therapy, however many of the conditions associated with osteoporosis, fear of falling, limited walking ability and deconditioning/weakness are not normal aging and can be addressed through skilled physical therapy. 

What other services beside Physical Therapy does PRO PT offer?


PRO PT also offers a variety of cashed based wellness programs including one on one personal training, circuit training and a variety of individualized supervised fitness and post rehab programs. All visits are by appointment only. 

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