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Meet Our Pro PT Support Team 

Enjoy learning more about our Support team.


Emily Davidson aka Dora Marquez (the explorer) loves embarking on quests and is usually accompanied by her talking purple backpack and monkey companion named Boots. She is bilingual (not really) and loves teaching kids about life.

Trever Mooney aka Bart Simpson is a smart, sly and mischievousness kid that enjoys riding his skateboard.  He may seem old but has been 10 years old for the past 20 years.  He is a very nice kid that loves helping people and spray painting.  He loves making prank calls to Moe.

I'm another title

Brawley Osborne aka Sponge Bob loves the ocean. He is a sponge...soaks up knowledge quickly and is annoyingly friendly and energetic.  He loves pineapple and has a pet snail Gary. Be careful cause he is very emmotional.

Bryan Graff aka Stewie Griffin is a one year old prodigy that looks like a 20 year old.  He has an english accent that he hides when at work.  He loves his teddy Rupert.  He is a master of physics and mechanical engineering and likes to construct fighter jets, mind control devices and teleportation devices.

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